Engineering & Construction

JKIN Group bring specialized skills and knowledge to build quality buildings for it’s clients. We provide oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion. We provide professional services in the field of designingplanningconstruction and project management.

Quality Construction

JKIN Group is synonymous with Quality Construction. We believe that Quality management at all levels leads to a quality product. Hence we work towards improving our processes, continuously train our people in new and innovative construction techniques, research on new raw materials, and constantly refine our systems and processes.

Construction Management

Project Management Consultancy

We understand that every construction project is different and has its own unique challenges. Every construction project demands the full attention, professionalism and energy of its project team.


We at JKIN Group provide professional and specialised Project Management Services and aim to improve the performance and quality of work to meet the construction project goals and objective, and also to the clients’ satisfaction.


We have a professional team which gives specialised services during the entire project life cycle - from Project Initiation Phase, Schematic Design Phase, Construction Phase and Completion and Certification.


We provide various services like Scheduling, Cost budgeting, Value engineering, Risk Identifying, Monitoring & controlling, Vendor Management, Time line optimization, Resources Allocations, manpower management, etc.